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Property Defense was founded in heart of Orange County California with one main focus, to provide an inexpensive and reliable solution to evictions and foreclosures impacting hundreds of families in our city. Throughout the years, Property Defense has evolved into a statewide company offering guidance and assistance to thousands of families throughout the entire state of California. As a first-hand witness to the negative impacts of the real estate crash of 2008, we are a firm believer in the universal property rights of each individual. We believe homelessness shouldn't be an issue in one of the wealthiest states in the nation. Recognized by our clients as a compassionate company, Property Defense truly cares about each client's case and will work relentlessly to achieve the best results.


A huge advocate for tenant's rights, Property Defense is on the front lines of the eviction crisis impacting California. We believe that collaboration is key and with a strong diverse team, we are able to provide services throughout the entire state of California. Excellence is acquired by constantly improving, that's why Property Defense is one of the top-rated companies in California when it comes to customer satisfaction. The goal is not just on winning your case, but also on providing excellent customer service by informing you and guiding you every step of the way. In addition, Property Defense offers payment plans and low-income assistance to qualifying cases.

Luxurious Office

Recent Cases

Karina Luna

I lost my job due to COVID-19 and my landlord began an eviction process against me. He gave me a notice to quit saying I was being a nuisance. This was a total lie, he didn't want to keep renting to me because I wasn't able to keep giving him rent money. I was referred to Property Defense by one of my ex-coworkers. They were able to get my case dismissed right away. They also allowed me to pay them in payments instead of having to pay everything at once. Robert was extremely helpful and even answered my calls during the weekends. You guys rock!

Mohamed Singh 

My landlord kept leaving documents on my door telling me I had 60 and then 30 days to move out of the house because they were going to sell it. I told them I could not move due to me getting infected with the Coronavirus and I had to be in quarantine. They didn't care and kept leaving documents at my house. I found some papers in my mailbox from the LA superior court and when I called they told me that they had filed an eviction against me and a default was entered. I called Property Defense and they filed a motion to open the case and got it dismissed due to me never being notified about the eviction filing.

Deshawn Hafer

I bought my house back in 09 and my original lender was Wells Fargo Bank. Around mid-2019 I suffered a car accident and I was unable to work for about half a year. I lost my job and my unemployment wasn't enough to cover my expenses. I tried getting a loan modification and was denied twice in a year. I received a postcard from Property Defense saying they could help with loan modification so I decided to give them a call. Denise was in charge of my case and contacted my lender. It turned out Wells Fargo want my lender and Bank of America was now involved. Denise filed a lawsuit against both of them and was able to get me a modification as a settlement offer.

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